Just want to shout out and say thank you for everything you’ve done for our girls over the last couple of years.. especially the last couple of months.
Chloe has just turned one and the look on her face when we drive into daycare is priceless. I can no longer carry her in, she needs to put her bag on her back and walk in like a big girl with a smile on her face all by herself.
Emily (3 this weekend) talks about her experiences every day and shocks us with the amount of knowledge she has that we haven’t shared with her so it must have come from her educators.
On a whole, it’s an ease to get the girls there in the mornings as they just love being there. All the educators, chef and office staff are all super friendly and very approachable and we love it. If we have any queries or issues, they’re not just put to the wayside, they’re actually looked into, which is quite refreshing.

Thank you again